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Boxing Ontario – Silver Gloves 2017 Boxing Ontario Silver Gloves Tournament  was held this past weekend. The three day tournament had some of the best boxers in ontario face-off against each other. With two rings going on at the same time there was a lot of energy and action in the building.

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Ontario vs Quebec hosted by Gideon Boxing Academy An action packed night full of Ontario’s top amateur prospects vs some of Quebec’s best amateur fighters. A full card with lots of action meant a lot of shots, lighting conditions were low so was forced to shoot at a high ISO, but  all and all a…

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Taste of the Kingsway 2017 Our annual TOTK was another successful event. The sun was out and with the help of our volunteers we hit the streets and gave countless boxing demo’s with all funds going to www.fighttoendcancer.com From ages 1 to 80 years old there is no limit in having fun and learning a…

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Breakdance Battle In the 70’s hiphop emerged as cultural movement, or a way of life. Rapping, deejaying, breakdancing, and graffiti painting were its staples, all still current in todays culture. A breakdance battle is everything i love about hiphop. The music is absolutely bananas, the deejaying can make you laugh your ass off and get you…

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Fuji X-T20 Had the pleasure of having a Canon as my first camera and i absolutely love and trust it 100 percent. With that said i have researched a ton and decided to try the Fuji cameras. A beautifully build X-T20 with a steep learning curve compared to the canon, but also super fun to…

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Sigma 150-600mm Bazooka Lense It felt like it was easily 20lbs, a severe neck cramp was the result of this lense. Even though it was bulky, awkward to handle and just plain heavy it was fun to play with for the weekend.  

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OVFL Varsity The Etobicoke Eagles face of against the Oshawa Hawkeyes in the semi-final game. The  hunger of these very talented boys was quickly noticed by all. The eagles won the game and get a chance to play in the finals. Go support these boys.

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The Beauty of Mexico City Surrounded by mountains on top of mountains, Mexico city landscape is breathtaking. Don’t be fooled by the movies and the negative press. Mexico’s culture, history, landscape, nightlife, restaurants and people are all worth experiencing.  

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Fight To End Cancer 2017 A huge congrats to all Fight To End Cancer 2017 fighters on a successful year. Six gruelling months of training and fundraising. All funds raised go directly to Princess Margret Cancer Foundation. Founded in 2011, the Fight To End Cancer has raised over $700,000.00 in support of cancer research. Visit…

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Panama Panama’s beaches are some of the nicest i’ve seen, not a rock insight, almost feels untouched by tourist. The landscape and colours are a photographers dream. What makes panama’s rich history and culture so great is undoubtedly its people. There strength and there kindness towards strangers and tourist personify the beauty of this country….

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San Francisco (Highway 1 towards LA) “If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear flowers in your hair. If you’re going to San Francisco your going to meat some gentle people there” -Scott Mckenzie. Was he ever right, its a beautiful and colourful place. Debatably one of the US best cities. From the…