Breakdance Battle

August 19, 2017 Virgilbarrow No comments exist

Breakdance Battle

In the 70’s hiphop emerged as cultural┬ámovement, or a way of life. Rapping, deejaying, breakdancing, and graffiti painting were its staples, all still current in todays culture. A breakdance battle is everything i love about hiphop. The music is absolutely bananas, the deejaying can make you laugh your ass off and get you hyped all at the same time. The breakin’ shows off the skills of each crew, the essence of a battle is so raw and in your face, almost to the point were you feel like a fight is about to break out. But when its all set and done, theres nothing but love for each other and the craft, no hate just Unity. If we only had some graffiti it would be a complete hiphop adventure.

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